About us


  Shenyang Xuanfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (Xuanfei) is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise of “military and civilian integration”. It was jointly established by AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute (601) and Beijing Xuanji Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Xuanji Information). The 601 Institute has strong scientific research strength and complete professional setup. It has won more than 580 awards at the national and provincial level and above, and has cultivated a high-quality aviation research and design team represented by outstanding academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. It has been hailed as China’s “base of fighter design research, the cradle of aviation talents”; while Xuanji Information was successfully listed in A-shares in 2012. It is a leader in private military enterprises and has strong capital strength.

  Xuanfei is committed to the design, development, production, sales and service of UAV flight control systems, industrial UAVs, and UAV related products.

Shenyang Xuanfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.